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EDI RELATED LINKS Do you have urgent EDI mapping projects that need to be implemented soon?
Do you have customers or vendors that are demanding that you implement EDI?
Are you short staffed or bogged down with other projects?

Our objective is to assist your company in becoming self-reliant. To achieve this goal, We start with a mini-evaluation of a company's existing system and in-house expertise. Once strengths and weaknesses are determined, a strategy is implemented which will enable your company to quickly become more productive and achieve its goals.




What We Do Why EDI?
EDI Consulting
If you are new to EDI or are searching for an alternative solution to your current process, we provide experienced business analysis to offer you a solution that best fit your needs. With years of implementation management experience
EDI Mapping
Weather your new to EDI or upgrading to a new version, let our expert mappers get your job done quickly, efficiently and within budget.
EDI Training
We can provide onsite customized EDI training to match your specific needs for those that will ultimately be responsible for the EDI operations and development. We also provide an assessment of your specific training needs and offer solutions to your unique challenges during the training session and follow up support is only a phone call away.
EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is more than just a requirement from your trading partner. It allows significant cost savings through elimination of data entry, faster turnaround, less costly mistakes, and more time to meet shipment deadlines. By integrating the data with trading partners, information is more accurate, timely, and easier for you to process.

We can provide EDI implementation services for most major EDI and Electronic Commerce software solutions. We also work with existing systems to streamline your current process by making it repeatable, effective and efficient. We support major ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle, Peoplesoft, MAS 90, and MAS200. We can also integrate internal systems with TeamCenter and Microsoft Products.

We have extensive platform experience on the Mainframe, UNIX, and Windows. We also have experience with data integration using GXS AI, Stylus Studio, and Sterling GENTRAN. With added programming experience in COBOL, CICS, UNIX shell, Korn shell, Javascript, and PHP. We are able to offer solutions to your most complex EDI challenges.
Why GallegosConsulting, LLC
Gallegos Consulting LLC has been in the forefront of EDI since 2004. We not only understand EDI standards, we helped create the X.12 standards.  We have intimate knowledge of both ASCII X12, and EDIFACT and understand the industries best practices for critical EDI processes.

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